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The Korczak Digital Repository is a long-term undertaking which requires involvement from a range of institutions, associations and experts from around the world. It should be a vibrant, vivid place which is always evolving, expanding its resources and functionality. This is why we are open to those wishing to assist in its support and development. You are most welcome to aid us in creating The Korczak Digital Repository, whether you are an individual or an institution. 

The Korczak Digital Repository can be supported in a range of ways: practical help, assisting in expanding the collections, as well as becoming a benefactor.

Practical Support

The community of Korczak supporters and fans is active all over the world, busy promoting the legacy of Janusz Korczak to ensure his ideas are not forgotten. Researchers, historians, museum workers, pedagogues, psychologists, civic activists and many others nurture this legacy, drawing upon it, trying to find contemporary practical applications for its conceptions and solutions. We are inviting everyone who is a part of this community to share their knowledge and experience with us – perhaps some of the materials in The Korczak Digital Repository is in need of correction or updating? Should we be adding links to interesting articles and publications? Perhaps you have ideas for how The Korczak Digital Repository could be expanded by adding new functions, sections, departments? We are open to proposals, comments and contributions of new materials. Write to us:



Expanding our collections

The Korczak Digital Repository is a project which will grow over the coming years, its resources constantly expanding and being added to. If you have resources related to the life and works of Janusz Korczak, please share them with The Korczak Digital Repository.


If you know of documents, photographs or publications which our Repository should have in its collections, help us secure these. Write to us:



Financial support

You can also become a benefactor by supporting us with financial aid to help maintain the technical functionality of The Korczak Digital Repository, its digital development (new functions) and physical work (lectures in Poland and abroad) by contacting one of the members of our Consortium.  


Public project co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland "Public Diplomacy 2020: New Dimension” funding programme.

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