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Korczak Digital Repository terms and conditions define the rules for using the service (Service) and the rules and obligations of the Service. Rules for the protection of personal data as defined by the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services are included in the Privacy Policy.


The owner and administrator of the Service is The Center For Digital Competences at Warsaw University, based at ul. S. Banacha 2c, 02-097 Warszawa. Feedback relating to the Service should be sent via email: ckc@uw.edu.pl


Service Users are all those visiting the Service website.


Access to the Service is open all those with access to the internet and web browsers allowing access to pages www.


All users are obliged to follow the rules set out in these Terms and Conditions. By starting to use this Service, Users confirm they have read the Terms and Conditions and accept them.


The website aims to protect and popularize the legacy of Janusz Korczak. It contains documents, photos, publications (including books, scientific and press articles) on the life, work and oeuvre of Janusz Korczak, made available by their owners: museums, archives, libraries, foundations, etc.


Unless separate regulations regarding a specific service state otherwise, use of the Service is free of charge.


The Service does not require registration and logging in.


Users can access services provided by third parties via relevant connections offered by the Service to third party websites. These are governed by terms and conditions and other documents defined by third parties.


Every User has the right to:

- view the contents published by the Service

- report all faults and mistakes in the Service contents


The owner and administrator of the Service reserves the right to modify the operation of the Service in any way and shall not be liable, in particular criminal, civil and administrative terms, for the User's use of the Service in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of these Regulations or the law.


The owner and administrator of the Service is not liable for:

- any harm the User experiences caused by incorrect publishing or reading of the content, including in particular data loss caused by hardware or system failure or other circumstances beyond the control of the Service providers,

- interruptions in the Service provision caused by technical or other reasons not caused by the Service providers

- delays with Service provision,

- damages caused by force majeure,

- damages suffered by the User caused by online risks, such as system hackers or viral infections


This service and the materials published here are protected by all relevant legal criteria, specifically the statute dated 4.2.1994 relating to copyright and related laws (t.j, Dz.U. 2006, No. 90, pos.631 amended) and the statute dated 30 June 2000. The right to commercial ownership (t.j., Dz.U. 2003, No. 119, pos. 1117 further amended). If not stated otherwise in all the materials published on the Service, by using the Service Users do not secure ownership of any of its contents, do not have the licence to ww. materials, and its use is limited to that allowed by relevant copyright legislation and related laws.


The owner and administrator of the Service reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without the need to justify said changes and the reasons for them. All changes become binding at the time of publication on the Service in the Terms and Conditions section.


Matters not covered by the Terms and Conditions are covered in specific terms by laws of the Act on the provision of electronic services and the Civil Code.


These rules are valid as of the time of publishing on the Service website.


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