Król Maciuś na wyspie bezludnej : powieść

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Description This is a sequel to the novel "Król Maciuś Pierwszy". The boy-king, imprisoned following a lost war by enemy powers, escapes from prison and appears at a council of the leaders of nations. He announces that he voluntarily will go into exile and give up his crown. He devotes the time spent on the island to reading, wondering about the meaning of life and his own place in the order of things. He escapes from the island to help the children of an African nation he has befriended. His mission ends with success, and yet he is then kidnapped and imprisoned. Once he is again freed, he goes on to be considered a homeless orphan and is taken in by the residents of one of the villages in the land he once ruled over. As his old kingdom faces another war, he once more becomes its king. Then abdicates, to work in a factory as a labourer who then graduates from school. He dies in an unfortunate accident at the factory. Compared to "Król Maciuś Pierwszy", this sequel is a lot more focused on the central protagonist's inner life. The most important issue for him to resolve here is the question of the true meaning of life. Mattie tries to answer this by analysing it from a range of perspectives: child, a crown-less king, a prisoner, an orphan. Eventually, he allows himself the right to make independent, autonomous choices, making himself the subject of his own life. The first edition of "Król Maciuś na wyspie bezludnej" was published in 1923, and the second (also last in Korczak's lifetime) in 1931. After the war, the book was reissued over 20 times and was translated into several languages. This pair of books featuring King Mattie the First were the first books written by Korczak in the fantasy genre.
Creator Korczak, Janusz
Publisher Kraków ; Warszawa : Wydawnictwo J. Mortkowicza, Towarzystwo Wydawnicze
Date 1931
Rights Domena Publiczna
Format image/jpg
Language pol
Identifier 1.456.227 A
Type publikacja

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