Postcard commemorating the first Hanukkah

Collection Ghetto Fighters' House Museum
Description A postcard received by Leon (Berl) Gluzman from Korczak, dated 21 Dec. 1923. The postcard was in honour of the first Hanukkah feast day spent by L. Gluzman in the Dom Sierot (Orphans' Home). The reverse of the postcard features an explanation of why the postcard was received. The front features a photograph of lighting Hanukkah candles. Commemorative postcards were an important pedagogical tool used in the House of Orphans and Our House. This was a way of recording the achievements of the pupils of both establishments, as well as the key moments in their lives. These included displays of strong willpower (such as rising early, rising to pray, etc) and work done for the benefit of the House of Orphans on a rota basis (one half-hour shift counted as a single work unit). Postcards also marked important moments in the children's lives (such as holy days or the days they left the Orphans' Home). The overall rules relating to how the postcards were issued were written up by Korczak in the book titled Jak kochać dziecko. Dom Sierot (How To Love Children. Orphans' Home). These rules could be modified. Two pages, handwritten original.
Date 1923-12-21
Rights Ghetto Fighters' House Museum
Format image/jpg
Language pol
Identifier 12840, kolekcja/collection: Janusz Korczak
Type dokument

From the collection of: Ghetto Fighters' House Museum

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