Momenty wychowawcze

Collection Biblioteka Narodowa
Description Korczak was inspired to write “Momenty wychowawcze” by the time he spent in Ukraine between 1917-1918. The first three sections of this book cover his observations taken from working in a pre-school, girls' high school and an unspecified urban school in Kiev. Part four is based on notes from two weeks spent looking after Stefan, an eleven-year old boy from a poorhouse in Tarnopol. This publication contains observations and emerging reflections written on the hoof. Korczak manages to capture in it the reality of the world children live in, without making it fit with well-worn templates, thus producing a sort of guidebook for tutors and pedagogues. In it, he shows how important it is to make notes from observations made of the world children experience. As a result – as Korczak often stressed – we can then make reasoned and adequate decisions regarding care for children. In addition, in this book Korczak points out how children's games and dramas echo the world of adults around them. The book was first published in 1919 and did not contain part four. This was included in the second edition, the last to appear during Korczak's life in 1924.
Creator Korczak, Janusz
Publisher Warszawa : "Nasza Księgarnia"
Date 1924
Rights Domena Publiczna
Format image/jpg
Language pol
Identifier 291.954
Type publikacja

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