Józki, Jaśki i Franki

Collection Biblioteka Narodowa
Description This publication is the third edition of a book which is a unique sort of reportage from summer camps arranged for Christian children. In 1908, Korczak took part in these camps as a guest, tutor and member of staff. The Association of Summer Camps (Towarzystwo Kolonii Letnich) organised these outings for the poorest Polish and Jewish children. These camps were organised in a town called Szczawin in Ostrołęka County, in the following centres: Wilhelmówka (for boys) and Zofiówka (for girls). In this book, Korczak makes reference to the camps for Jewish children, which he attended as a tutor and guardian between 1904 and 1907. They inspired him to write an earlier book titled "Mośki, Joski i Srule", a narrative continued in "Józki, Jaśki i Franki". This publication is closer in terms of construction to an earlier book dealing with Jewish children. The text relates how these holiday camps were run, from the time of departure to when children returned to Warsaw. Descriptions of events are interwoven with records of reflections and the narrator's impressions. The text also quotes numerous holiday camp journals kept by the children. This includes descriptions of how children there spent their days, such as how games were played and organised, e.g. friendship courts. Unlike the earlier "Mośki, Joski i Srule", girls also make an appearance as central protagonists. "Mośki, Joski i Srule" and "Józki, Jaśki i Franki" mark Korczak's debut as a writer of books for children. Both books were first printed in parts in a children's journal called Promyk.
Creator Korczak, Janusz
Publisher Warszawa : Wydawnictwo Jakuba Mortkowicza
Date 1930
Rights Domena Publiczna
Format image/jpg
Language pol
Identifier 1.465.529 A
Type publikacja

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