Janusz Korczak medal

Collection Muzeum Niepodległości
Description Medal designed and minted on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Janusz Korczak, which was celebrated in 1978 – although we do not have firm confirmation of the year Korczak was born (possibly in 1879). This medal was minted by Ghetto Fighter's House in Israel, making it quite valuable – the Ghetto Fighter's House is the first Holocaust museum to be set up anywhere in the world. The obverse side features a portrait of Janusz Korczak, with his date of birth and death, including the words JANUSZ KORCZAK in Hebrew and Polish, followed by the words DIED IN TREBLINKA IN 1942 in English and Hebrew. The reverse shows four children standing in front of Janusz Korczak, the words along the rim stating in English: GHETTO FIGHTERS’ HOUSE and in Hebrew: YITZHAK KATZENELSON GHETTO FIGHTERS’ HOUSE. Dimensions: 5,9 cm. Medium: minting. Material: pinchbeck. Bibliography: Szperling, S. (2010). A Catalog of Holocaust Medals. A History Etched in Metal. Tucson: Wheatmark.
Date 1978
Rights Muzeum Niepodległości
Format image/jpg
Language pol eng heb
Identifier Rz.5MN
Type obiekt

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