Janusz Korczak, Aleksander Lewin and the Polish orphanage in Monetna in the Urals

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Description This article covers historical perspectives of the pedagogical-philanthropic activities of Aleksander Lewin (1915-2002), a pedagogy professor who produced valuable works on Korczak's philosophical thoughts and who helped promote his legacy. Between 1944-1945 in Monetna, Ural, Lewin was the director of an orphanage for Polish children. Aleksander Lewin was between the years 1937-1939 a tutor at the Orphanage. The experiences he took from there helped him establish a new orphanage in Monetna – his methods combined inspirations from Korczak with the pedagogy of Anton Makarenko. Lewin is the author of two books devoted to these themes: Problems in collective education. Pedagogical reflections based on experiences in a Polish orphanage and school in the Urals (1955) and House In the Urals. The History of Polish Children in Monetna (1987).
Creator Boćkowski, Daniel
Date 2017
Rights Licencja Creative Commons Uznanie autorstwa-Bez utworów zależnych 4.0 Polska
Format image/png
Language eng
Identifier 10.12775/SDR.2017.EN3.05
Type publikacja

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