Kształtowanie się języka naukowego pedagogiki na przykładzie manifestu pedagogicznego "Jak kochać dziecko. Dziecko w rodzinie" Janusza Korczaka

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Description Aim: To show the characteristics of the old scientific text in relation to the determinants of modern texts representing the functional variation of the written language, which is the scientific language. The scientific text analyzed was Janusz Korczak’s educational manifesto Jak kochać dziecko. Dziecko w rodzinie [How to love a child. A child in the family] (1919). Methods: A semantic and structural analysis of a pedagogical text. Results: J. Korczak’s pedagogical manifesto Jak kochać dziecko. Dziecko w rodzinie represents the stylistic model of the old scientific text in the scope of which characteristic features of the literary language are covered. According to the field of scientific research represented by him, i.e. pedagogy and also partly psychology, J. Korczak included in his text references to the contemporary research concerning the development of an infant, a young school-age child and an adolescent. He was interested in both physical development, as well as mental and social development of the child. His pedagogical manifesto which concerns the upbringing of a child in the family is written in the spirit of heart pedagogy. The paper discusses topics such as the content of the text, its title, its structure, monologicity, its addressee, terms contained therein, language of the text and the documentary layer of the monograph. Conclusions: J. Korczak as the author of Jak kochać dziecko. Dziecko w rodzinie and other pedagogical books, such as Jak kochać dziecko. Internat. Dom Sierot; Momenty wychowawcze; Prawo dziecko do szacunku [How to love a child. A dormitory. An orphanage; Methods of upbringing; A child’s right to be respected] significantly contributed to the development of the language of pedagogy as a scientific discipline.
Creator Sieradzka-Baziur, Bożena
Publisher Kielce: Wydawnictwo Pedagogiczne ZNP Spółka z.o.o.
Date 2019
Rights CC BY SA
Format application/pdf
Language pol
Identifier 10.17460/PHO_2019.3_4.03
Type publikacja

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