[Nela Samotyhowa with Jerzy Zawieyski and Janusz Korczak on a trip in Zalesie]

Collection Biblioteka Narodowa
Description This photograph shows Nela Samotyhow sitting on a swing. Jerzy Zawieyski and Janusz Korczak are in the foreground. He could have met Nela Samotyhow thanks to Stefania Sempołowska, with whom they both worked. Korczak most likely met Jerzy Zawieyski through Maria Grzegorzewska, the head of the Państwowy Instytut Nauczycielski i Państwowy Instytut Pedagogiki Specjalnej / National Institute of Teaching and National Institute of Special Pedagogy. Jerzy Zawieyski, in a text published in "Znak" in 1958, describes Grzegorzewska (still alive at the time) as mysterious madam N.W. He also describes himself and Korczak as belonging to her circle. In the same text, the dramaturge briefly describes Korczak's attitude to religiousness, while also recalling a situation in which Korczak prayed in his presence in one of the churches on Krakowskie Przedmieście.
Date 1935-30-05
Rights Domena Publiczna
Format image/jpg
Identifier F.52905/I
Type fotografia

From the collection of: Biblioteka Narodowa

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