Śliwki, an account of the beginnings of work at the Dom Sierot (Orphans' Home)

Collection Muzeum Warszawy
Description Typescript (under manuscript rights) with the memories of Jacheta (Janka) Lubraniecka (1908–1996), who in the 1930s was an educator at the Dom Sierot (Orphans' Home) and a student at the University of Warsaw. In April 1983, Lubraniecka (or rather Jochewed Cuk - because that was her name and surname in Israel, where she had emigrated from Poland 47 years earlier) came to Warsaw at the invitation of the International Association of Janusz Korczak. Memoirs of the participants of the reunion, pupils and collaborators of the pedagogue were recorded and then published in the collection 'Okruchy Wspomnień' (Crumbs of Memories) (Warsaw 1984). The account of Janka Lubraniecka, whose manuscript is kept in the Museum of Warsaw, included in the aforementioned volume, is entitled Doctor and Mrs. Stefa and tells about the first day in the Dormitory. The author did not agree to the title of Plums proposed by the editor of the book. Although in fact that first day was mostly spend on cleaning of plums, huge amounts of which were collected in the garden of the branch of the Dom Sierot (Orphans' Home) - Różyczka in Wawer. The fruits were intended for plum jam. The author of the description: Magdalena Pęzińska Material: paper; Origin: Warsaw; Technique: typescript, manuscript, pen; Dimensions: the work: height 29.8 cm, width 21 cm.
Creator Cuk, Jochewed
Date 1983-04
Rights Muzeum Warszawy
Format image/jpg
Language pol
Identifier MHW 195/JK
Type dokument

From the collection of: Muzeum Warszawy

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